About us
the leading specialists in aseptic beverage filling in Central Europe

We are among the leading manufacturers of non-alcoholic beverages in Central Europe. We produce over 80 million bottles per year. Our modern production facility is located close to Budapest from where we supply the market throughout Central Europe. We have five production lines including two aseptic lines on which we can manufacture drinks without using preservatives.

Our product range

Our product range includes fruit drinks, iced tea, flavoured water, carbonated drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks, kids’ drinks and fruit syrups. All of our products are packaged in plastic bottles which can be fully recycled.

Private label production is written in our DNA

We manufacture private label products for Central Europe’s leading retailers and focus on developing solutions to meet our customers evolving requirements. We offer total supply chain solutions from planning and sourcing to production, warehousing and transportation.

Our commitment to technology

Our modern production technology and know-how place us at the cutting edge of beverage production and retailers choose us for our ability to consistently provide great tasting, high quality beverages.

Our passion for
our own brands

We also manufacture our own brands including Vitalade, Sconto and Funny Bunny.

Contract filling

We provide contract filling services to branded beverage companies.

Our Corporate Values

Our values of customer service, quality, value for money, flexibility and fairness are fundamental to how we think, act and drive forward our business.


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