Welcome to the refreshing world of Sconto Beverages

Pure, Enjoyable, Perfectly Sugar-Free

We offer a wide range of fruit drinks and syrups under the Sconto and Sconto Premium brands. Every bottle offers the joy of fruit flavours, many without added calories, allowing you to indulge in your beverage preferences without that guilty feeling.

Sconto Fruit Drinks 2,0 litre

Sconto fruit drinks are an exciting range of refreshing fruit drinks full of flavour and guaranteed to quench your thirst. Sconto fruit drinks are low calorie and completely sugar free. Our flavours include apple, apple-pear, multifruit and peach.

Sconto Flavoured Syrups 2,0 litre

Our range of flavoured syrups provide a delicious and value for money drink. Just add water to create a really tasty option which is both low calorie and sugar free. Sconto flavoured syrups come in orange and strawberry flavours.

Sconto lemon juice 1 litre

With 40% fruit content Sconto lemon juice is an all year round favourite. In summer time just add water to create a drink bursting with citrus flavour. On those cold winter days add Sconto lemon and a little cinnamon to a cup of hot tea to create a nutritious and comforting beverage.

Sconto Premium Fruit Syrups 0,7 litre

Our premium syrup range is made with the finest fruits and bursting with flavour. Just add water to create a delicious fruit drink. Available in sugar and sugar free versions, our premium syrups are sure to satisfy even the most discerning palates. Our flavours include orange, strawberry, raspberry and mango.


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